Elusive Tilapia - Larvae Eliminator

One of my growbed on the back is using the potted flood and drain style of aquaponics setup. Having this kind of setup means there will be water surrounding the pots since they are standing in it. Where there is water there will be mosquito larvae.
Dengue fever is on an outbreak over here, and having standing water without fish is just a no go at this moment. So inside this growbed I have two small tilapia elusively hiding from view and they are task to ensure no mosquito larvae to be in their residence.
 Very difficult to spot but they are there doing their job silently.
Have to hide to get a better shot, before they disappear between those pots.
Once they get bigger I'll need to get fresh replacement for another couple of months. Water level will reduce to about one and a half inch during flushing, this size fish can do this water level.
So far, they had done a great job. No sign of any mosquito larvae.

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