Time Out - Uke :)

Took the kids to an Ukulele place for some new soprano string.
Cool "small guitar" that what he said... 
Mostly Hawaiian brand... must go to Hawaii.. to get a good one, a Tenor suit me fine.
These are rare over here in Malaysia.


  1. Mr. Affnan, do you seriously play music as well?

  2. I have an Uke, few guitars along the years, a les Paul copy among them... and a couple of this and that.. serious on music or not, I don't know but I do play in a group .. well that was 30 years ago... :)

  3. Owh, I never play an Uke before, and never know how it is tuned. If it is the same as the guitars, well I guess it won't take me long to learn it. Music is totally an 'alien' topic in this blog, and that's why I was shocked knowing you do it as well.

  4. uke, is simpler cappo yr first 4 string on the guitar on the 5th fret you'll get GCEA tuning, just use that with normal guitar chord on those 4 string it will directly translate into ukulele chord. eg Am is 4 string second fret only.

    Only one string, or one finger. How difficult can that be... :)

  5. ah, now i get it. it's very simple eh. i thought it has the same tuning as violin. thanks for your info.