First Set SOLD - Home Tilapia Breeder Kit

Made a set today, first one for sale, base from my home kit.
I will need to make it smaller on the bottom fish tank, utilizing same size plastic tub. The inner tub is for growbed, next unit will be using this size upper and lower making it smaller and cheaper overall. 

The set above have provision for nursery tank.


  1. What do u think of a system with that size fish tank and 2 inner tubs as grow beds ?

    Cost wise it could be pricey but can definitely grow more plants and fishes

    1. As long as there are enough water it will work, the cost increase is marginal for a 2 growbed tub as compare to one. I estimate about USD40.00 more.

  2. Assalamualaikum En Affnan,

    Saya nak beli satu set aquaponic daripada tuan. Boleh tuan call / wassap saya 0126015610 (Azmir)