Asparagus Update - 15th Jan 2011

Its growing, but I don't know whether its doing well or not since I never done this before.
Its very fragile and flimsy, new shoots growing from initial one and I may need to add gravel to make growbed higher.
Some of the shoots are whitish in colour, could be due to over sun. I'll try to provide shade since now most of Cherry Tomatoes plants are no more in the growbed. Water PH may also need to be check, it maybe high and and lacking Iron, probably time for Guinness again.
Its going to be a very long trial, those wooden beam under this growbed may not last that long. This need to be look at before its too late.
Above, Chilli and Kaffir Lime temporarily occupying this growbed. This chilli plant is showing yellowish leaves too.. so I need to check water PH so that Iron can be absorbed by the plants easier.

Update : 4th Feb 2011


  1. Hola Amigo Affnan saludos! como mides la cantidad de hierro faltante o sobrante?

  2. Kudos for having asparagus, a low temperate plant germinate. Nevertheless, planting tropic plant next to a temperate plant is not a good idea.
    OTH, Kaffir lime root system are not friendly to nearby plant, it may starve other plants when compete for nutrients.

  3. Hola Johnny! No hay manera para mí para medir el hierro. Yo sólo diría y tratar de comprobar el pH. Desde PH alto hará que la planta no absorbe el hierro.

  4. @moot, glad you mention about the Kaffir lime.. I will need to put it somewhere else soon.

  5. Gracias amigo Affnan! ya falta una semana para el pescado fermentado :)

  6. Otra pregunta? sabes algo sobre colocar sal en mínimas cantidades 0.5 ppm al agua de los peces?

  7. Johnny, sí, algunas personas ponen la sal en agua dulce. Esto ayudará a mantener los peces sanos. Yo no practican esto en tilapia, tal vez otros peces que necesitan. No más de lo que no es bueno para las plantas.

  8. I recall high acidic water will promote some mineral soluble, in addition, the lime stone should help balance the acidic water. I don't recall chili as iron absorbent plant. However, your chili looks like suffering symptoms similar to Fusarium Wilt. Which cause by poor drainage, e.g.high humid,low oxygen soil, where anaerobic bacteria thrive.

  9. Oh, btw, I will suggest using egg shell to balance the acidic water,since it is a free by product. :)

  10. @moot, yes I may need to look at drainage in those growbed. But adding egg shell not required since those gravel are hi in PH already.

  11. I recheck some facts, since I want to start a chili aquaponics.

    Asparagus thrive on soil pH of 6.5-7.5
    Chili pepper prefer pH of 5.0-6.0

    Seems "There can only be one!" :p

  12. 5.0 ~ 6.0 for chili, looks like not suitable for my set. those limestones push PH to around 7.5, Asparagus would be a better choice provided it survive the higher temperature over here.

  13. Could you give me some updates for the asparagus in aquaponics?


    Roger Pilon, Editor


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