Update 26th Jan 2011

Slow overall progress on my Aquaponics Backyard. Making few more set for friends, most difficult part is to get the metal racking done by metalwork shops nearby.

Few tomatoes germinate from previous batch, these are tomatoes that I didn't picked up from the growbed. They just germinate, I will move them once big enough. This time I'll only plant a few.
They grow in cluster out of the rotting tomatoes, this is probably how it happen in nature.
Asparagus growing, very fragile. I should make some shade, if not don't think it will survive the heat over here.
It very slow to grow and I need to add more stones on this growbed to create thicker dry zone.
Tilapia fry getting bigger and soon will be fingerling size.
I feed them rice bran. Its soothing to watch these fish grow and getting bigger and knowing that this is something beneficial to learn.


  1. what kind of ricebran? the kind they use for horse feed? i always thought stabilized ricebran would be good feed for any animal if they could handle it


  2. @Saqib, This rice bran is readily available at Aquarium Shop. I'm not sure what's its actual content but it is a common feed over here for fish fry and livestock.