Tilapia - Pekasam a Malay Traditional Fermented Fish

Update 13th Jan 2010 : Here

This post is on how to make the Malay Traditional Fermented Fish locally known as Pekasam

Tilapia cleaned and salted, keep in fridge for about 24hrs. The old days there's no fridge so it not necessary, however its the easiest way to ensure these salted fish remain free from flies and other insect that we may not agree upon.
After 24 hrs, remove fish from fridge, rinse off excess salt with water and let it stand for awhile.
Prepare some roasted rice, by frying in non stick pan.
Slow frying until brownish in colour.
Grind rice with grinder but don't let it turn to powder, just broken pieces will do.
Rice is use to lightly coat Tilapia just like breadcrumb, the rest of the Howto is in the following video.

Above completed Pekasam in an air tight container after two weeks it will be ready. 
Caution : The smell will be terrible. 


  1. dahsyat nie... dah boleh ganti chef wan..

  2. Betoi tu,, Chef Wan pon tak ajor orang buat Pekasam... :)