Tilapia - Pekasam a Malay Traditional Fermented Fish - Update

First part : Here

After 10 days it ready, I occasionally rearrange those fish from bottom to top to ensure even fermentation every about 4 ~ 5 days.
Surprisingly  its doesn't smell bad, probably the extra sugar used. BTW you could use honey to replace those brown sugar that I use.
Fresh out of the frying pan, taste nice and smell sweet. It is not recommended to wash the fish, should fry straight from the container.

So Fermented Tilapia (Pekasam) - CHECKED.

Packed.. once processed the Tilapia increase it value by 3 fold... :) not bad for a low cost fish.


  1. Wouldn't it increase the sodium nitrite intake by not washing the fish?

  2. If you worried about that, then its best to wash, however it will defeat the purpose of "Pekasam" in the first place. These are old traditional food preparation, I guess before the "health food" revolution, where old timer live to ripe old age .. :)