Single Barrel Aquaponics - Update 29th Jan 2011

Last Update : Here

Its been about 3 months I last touch this set, its been on maximum neglect from last I redo its siphon and inlet. There's a reason for this, I simply want it to fail and I want to see what else can go wrong so I could make adjustment or improvement. On the other hand its a politically correct statement for being lazy.. :)
Cherry tomatoes on this set is dying and must be replace very soon. Water is crystal clear no sign of suspended matter or algae.
No foul odour coming from set, this is good. Water pump doing its job but in-flow shows sign of reduction.
Above water inlet still flowing with sign of reduce water flow. There are some Tomatoes germinating from last planting drop.
This 20 mm siphon didn't missed a beat. Water pump I put on timer with night time shut off. Aeration pump 24/7 since its a 4 watt version, power consumption is minute.
Those bait fish getting bigger, and I must say they looks good too. These fish I got it for like USD 0.03 each.

I will not redo much, only thing I'll replant.

BTW.. There is a guy on youtube commented, that "there is no way this single barrel set able to hold all that pebbles in the growbed" ... few months back. well this is for you... "IT HOLD" ... :)

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