Nothing in Particular - General Update

One Tilapia missing. It was eight, today only seven left. Need to investigate what happen, I don't think cats will take fish in water. Previous batch survive and none was missing.
One possibility it could jump out of water to get away from the dominant male.
Herbs in this setup slowly progressing, not to expect much since it still very new.
Those algae you can see above was due to high water level in growbed. Initial stage of growbed conditioning I purposely set water to be higher than gravel, then after about 1 week I will adjust it back to one inch below by replacing siphon stand pipe extender with a shorter tube. In photo below you could see the very long extender besides the siphon.
Progress is slow initially, I intent to make this into herb growbed.
Last few Cherry Tomatoes, I'll be removing it this week to set for new plants.
Over ripe Tomatoes for seeds.

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