Tilapia - Breeding - The New Set Part I

Part II : Here

After manage to get some Tilapia's Fry from my present stock I decide to make a proper set to do the breeding. I modified my current home kit into a breeding tank, a growbed with a nursery tank as in picture below.

Below is the nursery tank, a smaller fish tank with overflow type of water inlet for the fry. Otherwise they could be food for the bigger Tilapia in the tank. I will put covering on top this nursery tank to prevent algae.

Growbed is same as before with water inlet need some final adjustment.

Breeding tank below using current home kit tank and I will put aeration to ensure those tilapia in here are fit and healthy.

I will put one male and four female in the breeding tank and within about two months I should get fresh new Tilapia Fry. Now this set need to be cycled for few weeks.


  1. very nice to see the tanks?
    From wher you buy this one.
    Please reply if you wish.

  2. These tubs are locally available in Malaysia, they probably has it in your country. Try checking Aquarium shops.

  3. Where can I get those tubs in Malaysia?

    1. try Eng Hin Aquatics in Batu Caves : http://www.ehkaquatics.com/