Growbed Lumber Support Break

One of the support for the growbed broke, its probably rotten by water and sun. Its sagging to one side, no other choice but to replace it.
Its going to be hard work today.
All 200 kilo of gravel need to be removed before I could lift up the growbed. Luckily most of the cherry tomatoes already towards the end of their life cycle.
Few container ready to receive the gravel, I need to do this fast to prevent drying of gravel killing those bacteria resulting in longer time for growbed to cycle.
Once all gravel removed, blue growbed out and need to put fresh lumber as support.
I have a few used lumber standing by, for this situation. Next time I better use steel beams to support its will last longer.
On goes the growbed and water inlet done to make it heavier for me to adjust. Its higher than growbed next to it due bigger lumber used.
Before gravel in, this is a good time for me to redo those hexagonal brick arrangement for the siphon cage, I decide to arrange it side ways to make it smaller as compare to previous in following picture.
Previous arrangement below.
Gravel in... almost done...

Finished ... two hours of hard work..  :)


  1. hi bro affnan,

    i wrapped the timber with strecth film before putting on the gb, it will last longer. hope this will help.


  2. That's a good idea, I need to prepare few lumber before those other decide to go South.