Two Sets for Abu Dhabi

When to Aquaponics heaven for some fittings, more like the local hardware(Google map : 3.15847,101.527399) . Rows of everything I need to make many siphons. Bought few item for my flow divider too.
These are cheap stuff for water pipes due lower pressure rating the blue coloured fitting are more expensive and of higher quality, however for Aquaponics usage they are top quality since we don't need high pressure parts.
One important quality for this fittings or pipe in Aquaponics usage is that they are UV resistance, and all of these are resistance to it. So its a good stuff for us Aquapon.
These are the stuff for making two 20 mm siphons minus the 50 mm (Bell), 82 mm (Strainer) and 20 mm (Standpipe & Outflow) pipes, its for installation in Abu Dhabi, long way to take the siphons. I'll make 2 siphons and 2 growbed ready, the fish tank will be locally source there.


  1. Hi Affnan if you dont mind me asking where is the hardware that in the picture? I had found one opposite house depo but it doesnt many that many choices . Thanks

    1. This is Yik Seng Hardware in Kg Melayu Subang, its along the Shah Alam Sungai Buluh road. Land mark Fella Design, Johawaki or opposite Petronas Kg Melayu Subang, Google Map : 3.15847,101.527399