Keladi - Transplant Update 22nd April

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Weather been cloudy and gloomy this past couple of days just like in those low budget horror movies. When there is no sun, one thing good to do is transplant.

I need to move these Vegetable Yam to a new growbed this week. Rather than waiting for the weekend I decide to do it today and spare tomorrow and Sunday for the kids.
These yam shows sign of tremendous progress, before it get any bigger I better move them. Once they are bigger it then would takes more time for them to recover.
Roots form beautifully from that what ever left of the tuber. I can buy more now to grow, since it is a success growing it from the market shelf stock. This plant most of it is edible and I think is easily multiply from that tuber.
Start out with four, all survive and looking good, ideal for Aquaponics
This growbed I'm testing the 20mm siphon not fully matured but would be ideal for only this yam, and I hope it would grow and multiply.

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