Monster Pump

Finished installing a new air pump for my main tank, the old pump just can't handle it any more. Since my Tilapia is getting bigger and I am planning to get some Kelah "Mahseer" for trying out, its best to get this pump ready.
Pump made by JEBO China, 50 litre per minute that's the rated output with 40 watt of power consumed. Its a little bit on the high side with power, I will schedule it to aerate at night when the water pump not operating, however for this next few days I will run it 24/7.
The pump has eight outlets, three I use for this holding tank and another five for the main.
Aerator stones used and scattered around for even distribution of air.
Aeration helps in faster conversion of Ammonia since the bacteria has ample supply of oxygen. This hopefully will make water cleaner and more nitrate for the plants.

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