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Made another standpipe today, a quickie. Back home after work takes me about 10 minutes to make. I use two step process to do it.

First step, just like previous use a wooden mandrel, to get the funnel done.
Then second step, use a shorter piece with minimum tapering and make the final shape. Both steps requires heating of PVC with a hair dryer.
This wooden piece is about 25 mm in diameter. Not exactly precision engineering but it does the job. A third step with a bigger piece should do it, that's next to do.
Walla as below, I choose a bright background to show the final shaped of this standpipe.
The three in a row as previous, the right most is the latest addition.
Now the openings.
Fitted inside siphon housing.
Minimum inflow needed to start it.
Currently the maximum it can cut off that I have tried, in this short test.
It getting better, the last funnel that I did also works. No big problem, I will now test its reliability over a period of time.

I got few feed back from regular visitors, and thanks for all the comments.

I choose to do the low Tech way of making this and try not to use any couplings or adapters for one simple reason. Sustainability, in order to achieve this we must strive to do with minimum we had and try not to rely on others.

A machined steel mandrel will surely got the job done far quicker and better, however there are those that don't have this option. Same goes with adapters or plastic funnel, there will be places that can't get those items.

So I choose a reasonable primitive way of doing it, so that if I manage to do it.. others surely can do it too.

A short video of siphon on test.



  1. congratulations! now this sounds like a fun project in the future!

  2. Try it Mahfudz, its easy to do.

  3. hey Affnan, i like your blog. Just wanted to ask, if I was to replace the piping with a hose, will that effect anything? I have done my siphon, but connecting back to the water tank is made from hose. I just connect a PVC pipe to a hose. Does this have any effect on the flow of water?

  4. Hi Syazwan, Difficult to say for sure its all depend on how you route the return. If its not restricting too much no effect on water flow, however it may interfere with siphon operation. Without seeing how you construction, it would be difficult to be exact.

  5. Good day Affnan,

    Very informative blog. If I would like to have a start in this, how should I go about this? You might like to email me at joelmichaelponniah@yahoo.com, and we can discuss through there. I'm also interested in getting a starter kit/home kit.


  6. Hi Michael, just back from Borneo. Thanks for your comment. Its easy to start what you need is a fish tank, the bigger the better and a growbed made from tubs, 2nd hand barrels cut in half, anything that will hold about 10 ~ 12 inches of gravel will do nicely.

    Make a water feed system and an outlet siphon, you're done. Feel free to check various other sites that gives more explanations on Aquaponics.