Its a Slow Saturday

Testing of 20mm siphon with home made funnel still going on, field trial is more like it. This is the longest test to do, actual utilization on growbed. I'm happy with it, due easier and cheaper to make.

Tidying up the backyard and I'm throwing most stuff that I don't need. I'm closing the chapter on siphon experimenting so a lot of stuff to get rid, a recycling scrapyard nearby makes things easier to dispose.

Its planting time again, will start fresh batch of plants. Its so difficult to get good quality seeds. Those that came foil packed, may not germinate at all.

Vegetable Yam (Keladi) doing great, more leaves coming out and they have recover from their market shelf hibernation.
I will transplant these few into growbed below that I have been testing the siphon. Its should be ready by next week, being an addition to existing system does make it cycle faster. It won't be fully matured but should manage to sustain these few yam plants.
Caught few more Tilapia earlier today about 15 altogether from the holding tank, gave it to the neighbours. I think about 10 left in this tank, many more in the main tank growing from earlier this year batch of fry.
Outside my back yard where the home kit is located, more Tilapia fingerling and some gold fish.
Okay, so much for a slow Saturday.

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  1. I agree, the Greenworld seeds I have haven't sprouted after 3 sows they are chives, chinese celery, and coriander...the other ones are ok