Tilapia - 4 months old

These Tilapia , those big one are almost 4 months old.
Growing quite fast and these home grown Tilapia are healthier than those that I got from Aquarium shops.
Few more months they will be ready for the plate.
There are more than the last I did, are great to eat.


  1. Affnan, I have a few questions; sorry but I'm new to aquaponics
    1. Why must you have a flushing system; as oppose to a constant level of water and just let water overflow down through a larger pipe?
    2. Even with the siphon, there would be a considerable amount of time, the root of the plants would be submerged in water. Wouldn't too much water be bad for the plants. Obviously from your pictures/ videos, the plants is doing well.
    3. The plants would be getting nitrite from the fish waste but wouldn't the plants need other minerals to grow well.
    4. I also see that you place iron rods as supplements for the plants but wouldn't rust be eventually get into you body systems when you consume it.

    You have a large collection of information and in my free time I'm going through your previous info but could not find info on the questions above. Maybe I have not seen/read everything.

  2. Hi REM,
    1. Constant flooding will cause problem to plants root, maybe few plants like Salad will thrive but others may die. This flushing create a.) Aeration to Fish Tank, b.) Aeration to growbed. Aeration to Growbed important to produce better Ammonia conversion to Nitrates.

    2. Its not so much root submerge is a problem, its the lacking of oxygen. This flood and drain cycle provide that much needed oxygen. It look like that the root is submerge most of the time, but due to the cycle, Oxygen is introduce to the roots. Without this most plant will experience root rot.

    3. Those traces mineral are available from fish food that's not consume. Traces of mineral also can be obtain from growbed pebbles.

    4. Rust "Iron Oxide" is everywhere, they are not that dangerous to the human body, unless you consume it intentionally by the spoonful. Our daily activities expose us to iron oxide without us knowing it. I am not that worried about it in the fish tank, since the rate of rust forming is minimal. Plants may not absorbed all those iron available, they only use what required. Human body do not absorbed plant base iron easily as compare to meat. So on average we already absorb iron in our daily diet.

    Thanks for your comments and question, feel free to browse around and get some idea on Aquaponics that I feel a way we should produce food in the future.

  3. Thank you for imparting knowledge. A few more questions.
    1. Where can I buy the talapia fries? I'm in Penang.
    2. What are these pallets you feed the fish? Where can I get them?
    3. The grow bed stones looks simple but can you place in some step by step photos of the grow bed stone placement; "only when you have the time"; especially how you placed seeds in the grow bed and how they are not washed away. I also saw you transplanted small shoots into PVC cuttings.

  4. @REM
    1. Penang, its aroung Sg Petani, Pinang Tunggal area. Its a "Kolam Pancing" and fishing Tackle shop. If I get more info on it I'll post.
    2. Normal fish feed, Aquarium shop sell them. "Starter" for small fish, "Grower" for big fish "Finisher" for ready to market fish. Fry will need powdery feed, they have it too.
    3. Growbed stones I use, are those available at plant nurseries, those are about 15 ~ 20mm in size. Just put it in.
    Seeds, its best to sow them separate, unless those cheap seeds. I just sow them direct by scattering them in the growbed.
    If you could join me on fb, I could get you into the local group. There will be more people to give advise based on their experiences.

  5. Hi Affnan,
    Can you tell where to get the Talapia fries in KL;and maybe the shop's phone number also. I will be going to KL this weekend and can get them there. I assume you are in KL.

  6. Try

    Aquatic International
    260 A Jalan Satu A
    Kampong Baru Subang
    40150 Shah Alam
    Selangor Darul Ehsan

    Tel : 603-7846 3559, 603-7846 1978
    Fax : 603-7846 3864, 603-7846 1978