Additional Growbed for the Home Kit

Converting nursery tank into another growbed, if I need to turn it back into a nursery tank I will just need to remove some gravel and let siphon run without the bell.
Make a hole for the 20mm bulk head fitting and the rest is straight forward, since all else already in place.
Stand pipe ready, it will be a 9 or 10 inches growbed with adjustable water level from 4 to 8 inches. I am using my mini siphon, the 20 mm stand pipe with 32mm reducer fitted on top.

Note :
This mini siphon is smaller in size, it will require very small water flow to operate. If this siphon is install on a larger growbed it will still work, it could be better due to very small power consumption needed and it will make everything much cheaper and easier to build.
Strainer in position (glued on) with siphon bell in place, takes few hours for RTV to dry then its all done. 

BTW to turn this into nursery tank, I will need to remove gravel up to the strainer holes and bell to ensure siphon don't happen. The pebbles being higher than strainer holes will ensure no fish fry escape down the tube. It is also recommended not to have the drip hole on the bulkhead fitting, just in case there is a power outage, the fry then will be toast.
Up skirt view, water outlet is a double elbow with perforated ends to aerate water better. This particular siphon was use on my single barrel kit that was on display at the Malaysia Airline premiss yesterday.
All ready, water inlet as previous nursery tank with ball valve to limit flow. Pebbles/Gravel next, this one is a real quickie job took me less than 30 minuted to do.

With this mini siphon within my regular set makes it easier for me to monitor and make changes if required to make it better. I have use the mini siphon for about 10 months and there is not much issue with it.

The only problem is due to the smaller pump was use in the single barrel kit makes it prone to clogging and requires me to keep an eye on it more.

If this siphon proven to be good then its best to convert all growbed to use this siphon due to its very low water flow requirements.

Update : Trial Run

RTV dried up, I only have few kilos of pebbles. That will do as a start, it enough for a "Nursery Mode"
Above pebbles just enough to cover the strainer holes, if I run it this way it will do nice as a nursery tank. 

BTW the snorkel is just to ensure I don't get an overspill before siphon kicks in, that side hole was for previous installation.
Flush testing, it works without problem, starting and cutting-off.
As mentioned, outlet using double elbow this style more or less I use it as standard fit unless I have a high water problem then I would resort to using the Whistler

With this outlet arrangement, noise is sufficiently suppressed and aeration is good.

I'll be getting few bags of pebbles and fill it up to the maximum.

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