Making The 20 mm Siphon - The Video

The write up is : Here

My experimenting on Siphon just about over, with only minor changes to it. I made this long overdue video to replace my classic that shows how it is made videoed using a camera phone.

This is a remake with additional footage to better explain it. Bigger siphon installation and components is similar just the size is bigger. This video also, show and explain the flared funnel stand pipe siphon, its installation is identical to this.

A 25mm siphon will be very similar to this installation. If you use 32/25 reducer or flared the 25mm stand pipes the same 50mm bell and 82mm Strainer can be use.

I'll concentrate my effort on the "Binary Valve" next.

Okay, cheers.


  1. I carefully sculpt a funnel from a soda bottle neck, about 3 inches high. I heat a ceramic plate, and carefully press the cut end down on it - the heat contracts the plastic, and starts to pull in - gentle pressure, a skilled hand and the right temp make for a perfectly even internal overhang, into a perfectly formed funnel. It fits right into 25mm downpipe. I call them "insta-siphons", because they always begin siphon within something like 300mls of overflow.

  2. @Adam, thanks for your comment, there are many way to make a Siphon. Your style may be one of it. If you could share it, I am sure it would be an additional type of Siphon that Aquapons will have the option to use. Really appreciate it if you could provide links for others to use.