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Basic setup for growbed completed. Three growbed in total with individual fish tank, this to cater for data collection and they want it different for each setup.

Only one table was use to accommodate all three growbed and its a neat setup everything nicely fall in place. Fish tank size are the same as growbed, its small but suffice for duration of this experiment of about 3 months.

Two fish tank on one side with the remainder on the other with 3 growbed on top, water return to fish tank via outflow pipe 8 inches down and 8 inches horizontal. Its not a complex setup, very simple and ideal for initial set to do research and proof of concept.

Astro 2000 pump were use for each bed, this is more then required, I recommend Astro 1000 so with the 2000 pump twice recommended amount of water will flow. The flushing works but it may be at the very edge of its operating limits.

I did advise, if too much water just restrict the flow with ball valve, or do the diversion method.

It was a rush job due to extreme heat, took me under 90 minutes to install siphons and water feed. The green house was build without ventilation, over here its a no go. In temperate countries it OK to trap all those heat.

Pebbles are slightly bigger then recommended, seeds may have difficulties to hold on prior germination. She need to add few more bags to have an 8 inch growbed.

I just hope fish and plant survive the heat. She's planning to grow Okra with Red Tilapia for her project, this is good due in 3 months Okra can do wonders in Aquaponics. My only worries is whether growbed can get matured within this short time.

I did put my sticker on each growbed for publicity :)


  1. Since it is exposed to sunlight will she have algae issue?

  2. too early, to say whether she will have algae issue or not. Being under the table may reduce it, I must say, we'll see what happen.


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