Fourth of July - Updates

Fourth of July is the declaration of independence of United States from Britain, there must be fireworks going up to celebrate.

Updates on my Aquaponics was long overdue, busy with siphon and new sets.

Plants as always is the slowest to change, I am redoing some of the growbeds. Below Turmeric I decide to trim all plants and let it grow new. I need to increase growbed height on this one to let Turmeric to form more rhizome.

Lemon grass doing great, Pandanus back of this lemon grass show sign of new growth. I sown few Okra seeds and it starting to flower. Heavy rain and strong wind are major problem for Okra, its easily blown down.

I am trying sweet corn, only few stalk and somewhere between those Okra below, they are about four to five inches tall. Those Okra are more than needed I will trim and only few will remain.

On same bed with the sweet corn is Ulam Raja (Cosmos Caudatus) the furthest in these picture, its leaves is almost like Merigold leaves and we consume the shoots raw, it smell very nice and have a mild taste.

Tomatoes and chillies this is second round for these two, I need to keep an eye closely on those white bugs (Bena Putih) and other problem on chillies. I sow direct to growbed, and they are sprouting and about an inch high. I gave up trying to use sowing tray, the heavy rains just wash most of the seeds away. 

I need a bigger place its difficult to do more on this small plot I have.

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