UiTM - Site Visit - Part 1

Part 2 is : Here
Part 3 is : Here

Visited a local university UiTM in Shah Alam, its nearby my home, on request by one of the student doing Aquaponics project for her thesis.

Students are allocated individual plot in green house to conduct what ever agriculture project they  want.

Its a big green house and from what I've seen they are trying out various methods of cultivation and with various different setup.

Above space allocated for the Aquaponics setup, nothing yet. I gave few advise on how to set up to suit her requirements. Give it few weeks then it should take shape.

There are few student busy mending their "garden", tomatoes shown above are grown on various medium as soil.

Above are Sambung Nyawa plants, in hydroponics pots.  Its interesting to see all these experimenting. Only one student brave enough to try Aquaponics, hope with her trial then it will provide audience to more people.

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