Update 25th July

Update 25th July

Okra doing great, and fruiting

Ulam Raja, should be flowering in a week or two. I want to make a brief write up on it, however I don't have enough photos to support. I need to wait another month to get all the shoots. 

Okra planted in this bed was a later batch than earlier photo, its a bit thin compared to the one above. 

Tomatoes seedling, roughly 6 inches tall, few survived from being eaten by "something". All I need is about 3 plant, these few should be sufficient for my small bed.

Below my black container growbed where Turmeric were planted. I have trimmed all those Turmeric plant.. and its best for me to redo this growbed.

More gravel/pebbles are needed and siphon need to be made for higher growbed height. Approximately another 5 bags of pebble needed for this one and it's supporting base must be strengthen.

Tilapia goes without saying, they did not give any problem. Those bigger ones are aggressive and territorial.

More photo of Tilapia.

That's all for now.

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