Snow Camp Aquaponics

Its nice to hear that others manage to use similar siphon that I made. I got a mail post from Brian Naess of Snow Camp Aquaponics on his system employing it in a portable setup.

You can check his blog at Snow Camp Aquaponics and it located in Snow Camp USA.

Following photos courtesy of Brian Naess, I post to show different way the siphon being tailored to suite individual installations.

More explanation, please head to his blog .. :)

Below his setup.
Photo of growbed 3' x 3' using individual pot.
The bell is weirdly shape to cater for uneven growbed base.
Something very familiar, I got lots of query on this, because in other part of the world it may be different. However the idea is to get a funnel shape reducer to create the venturi.
Photo below explain the weirdly shape bell.
Siphon outlet using double elbow. There are many ways to do it.. its part of the siphon tuning I suppose.
Below, I am guessing here, its part of water inlet. This is to adjust water inlet.

Aquaponics should not be difficult to do. I hope with my simple siphon design and refinements from users it will promote and make aquaponics easier to practice, for this reason my simple siphon should be freely use by anyone regardless whether for personal or commercial use.

Thanks Brian for your mail.


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