Update 11th July - Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass post : Here

Its been about 3 months since I replant the Lemon Grass, it recovered after 1 month and now showing new growth.

I did plant at same time another 2 bunch on soil, I'll need to take photos of that and update it here. Grasshopper loves these lemon grass and being on an Aquaponics set I cannot use any pesticide to get rid of them.

These photos was taken earlier today.

This lemon grass was planted at same time with the one on my Aquaponics set.


  1. Salam. In your opinion, Which one is better? Plant on the ground or in hydroponic?

    1. Its all depend on availability of space, climatic condition and purpose of the planting. I do not want to give any opinion on this since its subjective and suitability dependent on oneself.

  2. this plants having in forest free in india

    1. Yes, there are wild lemongrass around, not sure whether they are suitable for cooking.


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