Update 4th August

Something is better than nothing, today's pick  - Selom (Water Celery), Ulam Raja, Sambung Nyawa and Okra. It feel great to have fresh produce readily available at your doorstep literally every day.

Its not much but, as I said something is better than nothing. Its from this something that we progress and learn. Its doesn't matter whether you have many plants or a mere one its the ability to grow your own produce and learn as you go is what important.

Okra without doubt doing great, plenty of Okra from these few plants.

They grow so fast, if I don't check it will be too late to harvest. These few I left to ripen and collect as seeds.

I'm trying my best to save this maize seedling, pest are eating its leaves. Its going to take a miracle for it to survive.

Lemon grass, is ready for home use and there are sign of cuttings made. The wife must be the guilty party in this crime - oh well .. it shows that we can have lemon grass in Aquaponics.

Tomatoes seedling replanted to black growbed that was planted with Turmeric which now being planted in another growbed.  This time I need to monitor closely for bugs and pest, these seedling was sown from seed obtained in packets.

Turmeric, I transplant to my Single Barrel Kit, its new nutrient may be lacking and I need to add more fish.

Fish like these two, that cost a dime a dozen is ideal for my Single Barrel Kit.

Well that's about all, nothing spectacular.. but as I said something is better than nothing..

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