Time Out - High Speed Broad band - Part II

High Speed Broad Band (HSBB) Part I : Here

Its already more than a week HSBB was installed to my house, now Internet are lightning fast. I could stream youtube on 3 PCs with HD quality without buffering ... well at least for now.. while its still new.

Installation done from outside the house routing fibre optics cable via the existing underground phone network conduit.

From this box below...

Fibre connection made to optical cable to my home from junction box.. this box can do eight homes.. what do you know.. mine is first.. in this box.

Cables then routed underground...

Then surface within my house compound.. using existing phone main conduit.. with additional conduit specifically for the fibre optic cable.

Black color cable are the exterior, it then make a connection to internal cables in white (no reason why this cannot be routed all the way inside) all the way to my living room, or anywhere we want.

After few concrete drilling and routing via plastics casing the final termination will be this box below, where a more flexible fibre cable plugs into the first electronic unit.

I can't recall what they call this first box,, anyway it will convert the optical signal to electrical signal, more like the LAN output from servers or LAN switches.

From above box,, then there will be Telephone outlets,, for VOIP.. they gave me a phone,, any phone will do plug it in it will work.. so provision for 2 phones.

There are four LAN ports on above box but only one is use.. connecting it to the router below, its a Dlink DL-615 (probable with special firmware to work with service provider)

Output from this router are 2 LAN ports, wireless N for wireless device (just about anything now I use this) and one dedicated output coloured red for Virtual LAN to  Set Top Box (STB) as below.

Above STB are for IpTV and Video On Demand (VOD) function. All TV channels are crystal clear and VOD is great.. full control on when and what you want to watch.

Due to limited programmes on TV there few BBC's, Aussies, Hong Kong Channels as well as all Malaysian channels, nothing much compare to Satellite Channel.. (but I don't have Satellite) I hook up WDTV Live.. this little gadget is great for streaming youtube's.

The WDTV live is wifi to router via of the shelf dongle, that's what make it great.. not a propritary dongle.

With better internet connection, now I can uploads better videos, HD is do able now :) , good time to redo some of my classics.

In all, my internet are now super fast... the TV channels are crystal clear... just wait whether thay can live up to what they promise.


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