Making another set - Siphon

Not much to do today. I am making few units of siphon, most laborious part is making those strainer holes.

I use 8 mm drill bit and make four row of holes on the bottom part of strainer. Its not necessary to have holes on top part of strainer due the bottom part are most important. OK..being lazy is another part..

First row is the most difficult.., I use flexible plastic ruler (in first photo) and mark drill points at 10 mm apart. Next row is easy just drill in between to make a pattern.

Finish product.. on left the strainer on right siphon bell, its not cut to length yet. These approximately 9 inches each.

On strainer 4 or 5 rows of holes are sufficient, it also prevent root growth from invading the siphon if holes are toward the top.

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