Ornamental Set Update

Brief update on my Ornamental Set that previously placed all over the front yard.



  1. Hello Affnan,

    Your sets are really wonderful :) I am new to aquaponics, thinking about DIY such a kit as an indoor aquaponics into my apartment. It shall be a testing and learning kit.

    I am thinking about 1:1 grow bed to fish tank using your 15 mm siphon. But still I am bothered with some questions.

    What size of grow bed/fish tank would you recommend?

    What pump to use (500l or 1000l)?

    How stable the system is after cycling - I mean in pH and Ammonia? As far as my research got people usually say that under 1000liters fish tank the system often requires adjusting to get back to balance.

    And is there a problem with solid fish waste in such a small grow bed?

    Thank you a lot for answers.

    1. Growbed and fish size will depend on the space available, generally 1:1 is max recommended for this small set. Smaller growbed to tank ratio is better like 1:2, ie the growbed is about 1/3 the size of the fish tank.

      15mm siphon, the pump rating recommended about 500 to 600 LT/hr also depend on pump power how high water head rating and how high the growbed from water level. Generally 500 ~ 600 lt/hr is good.

      With small water volume it does tends to fluctuate if not monitored and adjusted, however i don't have problem. The trick with aquaponics, give lots of aeration to the fish tank, this will take care of most problem.

      On fish waste, that part I occasionally clean the unit, since it is small... it is easy to do.

  2. Thank you for the answers.

    The grow bed ratio is a surprise for me. Usually people say that 1:1 is a minimum for adequate filtration. Do you use smaller grow bed to tank ratio to minimize water level fluctuation in order not to stress fish in such a small tank to much? Or is there another reason?

    And what fish density do you use in this case? I am planning to use gold fish for its relative resistance for mistakes...

    Thank you for answers. There is not much information about such nano kits.

    1. Yes it is to reduce fluctuation. On the 1:1 is only for bigger set, once you go in the smaller scale that ratio is no longer applicable. Depends on how big is the fish, for goldfish its not that critical. Smaller goldfish you can put 1 per liter, bigger 1 for every 1.5 liter.