Today Titbits 12 July 2015

What's happening today on my aquaponics sets.

Gutter growbed siphon tweak completed, this is necessary due I need more water circulation, aeration and noise reduction in the system. The outlet tweak to get the most from my 15 mm StrainerBell siphon.

Both the growbed having higher inflow so the outflow has to be able to accommodate the extra water flow.

Few Pacu fish has adapted to their surroundings.

Yesterdays they were hiding at one corner of the fish tank, they are more at ease today and I can start feeding them now. These few fish are for cycling the system and I'll gradually add more fish over the next two months period.

Planted simple buffer plants from cuttings, to get the growbed going. These plants will be difficult initially since the system is still cycling. Those in the brown pots are the parent plants in the gutter for watering.

Plant few more cuttings at the back lane single barrel set, these too for the gutter sets. Some cuttings may not survive the initial planting.

Finally few cili are ready for picking

These are the cili bara variety and they are best eaten raw.

I can do with more plants, will get more seedling from the nursery end of the month.

Nothing much happening.

Cheers :)


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