Pandanus Minimus :)

I had done Pandan in aquaponics in a growbed without constrain and it is a difficult plant to contain. It's roots are very invasive and the plant itself will be vigourous which will colonize the entire growbed if not check.

Last year I tried using a large pot to make sure it does not spread.

This larger container do well in preventing it from spreading and at the same time making it more manageable.

With #SilosGrowbed style that I am currently experimenting, decide to try this invasive plant in one of the tubes.

Without testing we'll never know what's the outcome. Wanted to see how big it will grow and when it multiply how it is going to be contained within the Silos.

Will it be a pigmy pandan or large and spread out on it own ? The roots, will it spread out from bottom of the silo tubes ?

I'll be testing more plants as times goes and hope I'll learn something interesting.

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