Gutter Growbed Pots Levelling

The gutter growbed that I finished making last weekend has one problem, the pots didn't fit properly due the contour of the gutter is not uniform in its shape. Pots will tumble since it doesn't have a stable flat bottom to rest.

I was contemplating to use a 4x4 tile making a stable platform for the pots, however this may be heavy, expensive and displaces water volume.

After much trial, I figure that round tubes that I use for plants support is of right diameter to get the correct height and if I lay them side by side in the gutter they will make a raised platform for pots to sit.

It work ! Five tubes can be place in the gutter making a raised platform and the pots is stable on it. Since it's a hollow tube, it doesn't displace much water volume and light in weight. I could drill holes making it even lighter and helps water circulation at the same time.

These tube were from my staking sets, I'll need to buy new ones and cut to correct length.

There you go, a very cheap and simple solution for a problem that I was facing ever since contemplating to make this set.


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