Segregating The Fishes

In the CRAFT set, Tilapias and Jelawat with other fishes are mixed together. This obviously not good since some fish are aggressive and even among the Tilapias, the bigger fish will fight off the smaller ones for territorial right.

The fish has to be segregated and redistribute between the three tanks. 

Water in the tank that I need to catch the fish first is reduce by pumping it to another tank with the growbed filled up and preventing it from flushing.

Once water level has been reduce it will be easier to catch those Tilapias.

All the fishes are place in the center tank (Feeder tank) where the pump is located for later selection.

The bigger Tilapias is placed in the right return tank while the Jelawat and Patin in the left tank. The center tank will be for smaller juvenile tilapia.

While I am at it, why not scoop up few dirt, and and pebbles from the fish tank too since this is the best time to do it.

Transferring water from one tank to another ensures I do not waste any in the process of reducing the water level in the tanks that I want to catch the fish.

All in all it takes me an hour to do the tanks and transferring the fishes to regroup them.

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