Trying out collage

This was yesterday's job, trying out collage.


  1. Hi Affnan, good to hear that you are setting it back again, I'm just started my aquaponic from your
    video guide, thank you so much for sharing.

    I want to ask, do you have problem like siphon don't cut off?

    1. Hi Thanks for your comment.

      Once the siphon has been done right and water inlet flow rate as recommended I don't encounter problem with siphon did not cut off. However after few months running you may experience this happening. Its just that some cleaning required on siphon, pump play an important role if you run it 24/7 then chances for it to get clog is more as compared to 12/7 as I always do on my set.

      Back to your question, my answer is No I don't have that problem anymore.