New Aquaponics Rack

Making new rack for my setup, this rack will hold one  35 x 22 x 12 Growbed. I will need two to cater for my new setup which will have a 52 x 35 x 18 fish tank.

I will need two rack to make in economical, since the electricity usage is same if its one or two. A multiple of two growbed is the best option.

I need to get this rack done and then I'm set to start over... :)

Low cost home made rack : Here


  1. Affnan,
    Really inspired by your progress and dedication on this subject; so much so that I myself have started on Aquaponics on a small scale. Following your research and recommendations, my Sawi plants are growing albeit slow. However, they seem to be yellowish in the leaves. Read in one of your postings that you introduced rebars into the fish tank to solve the problem. Did it work?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I use rebars and nails it work for me. A quick solution try fish blood or Guiness either the actual Guiness or try the Malta.. these is high iron drink just pour onto the growbed, best to do it at night with pump off.

      I don't experience much yellowing, during my planting. Only initial few years back yes.. then all disappear.

    2. Guiness Malta - the Halal ones is what I use.

    3. Thanks Affnan, will give it a go and get back to you on the results!