Affnan's Siphon - How It's Made

A short video on how I assemble my 25mm Siphon for the new set that I am making.

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  1. Hello Afnan

    Can you tell me where you get you tank couplings for your siphon, I am having a really hard time finding them

    1. It's local in Malaysia, in the states.. check out the book "The Complete Idiot's guide to Aquaponics Gardening" by Meg Stout for full list of items needed. She list it out for USA users.

  2. Hi Afnan,

    How often should the siphon cut in?

    I have read about the 15/45 minutes rule, is that important?

    How can I set your siphon to that time?

    Please advise.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Steve,

      That rule is applicable if you use timer for pump on a growbed with a small leak hole, not siphon. I never practice this method since I use a siphon for the flood and drain cycle. From what I read its 15 minutes ON and 45 minutes OFF for the pump and its not applicable if you use a siphon.

      Siphon will work on how big the growbed and how much water in flow you use. Siphon will work within a range of water inflow and normally the siphon cycle is around 8 to 15 minutes on average.

      Hope this help.

  3. Hi, are you making and selling these siphons?


    1. I use to make and sell these, but lately due to other commitment I had to stop.

  4. Hey Affnan,

    Been watching your videos and just want to let you know they are very helpful. I am starting my 1st kit here in Singapore and in the planning stage. Its very hard to source out materials here and mostly im ordering online. Soon I will post my creation. Appreciate the tips from your blog.

    1. Btw, are you selling your siphon kits?


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