Guppy Tank

After ordered my Aquaponics racks next is the fish tank, so proceed in aquiring a Guppy tank. This tank is the one I normally use for the home kit with size around 52 x 34 x 18 as measured from the top rim, actual spec is 51 x 30 x 18 or the 4 ft Plastic Guppy Tank.

This tank is 100 US Gallon, the minimum size I would recommend to start and this size will yield large enough Tilapia for consumption.

Its quite large to be transport in the trunk of my larger car, but thank got for my tiny Suzuki Swift, I am able to fit this large piece without problem.

Next is to wait for those rack done. I will check out lava rock for this project or some other media. Home kit is for small setup and slight increase in its cost to make due to other media use should not be a problem.

BTW These Guppy PVC tank should be available in USA at :

United States (USA) Office:
North American Sales,
108, Biscayne Way,
Folsom CA 95630.


Hoping to get this set done in next two week or so, its all depends on how soon the rack can be fabricated.


  1. Dear Mr. Affnan, where did you buy this guppy tanks in malaysia? is it ekhaquatics? thanks

    1. Most aquarium shops has them, EKH should have them too.

  2. do you know where i can get them in pj area?

  3. can u tell me how much each tank cost?

    1. The 4' tank about RM 240.00 and the smaller 3' at RM 110.00 dependin on where you get them.

  4. Mr affnan,may i know the place to buy the guppy tank or any related tank please...