Siphon Overhaul

Original Home Kit that I made few years back was send to a relative house a short distance from where I stayed and it has been running all this while without any maintenance. So must be close to a year already running on its own.

Its in very bad shape however still able to produce those simple vegetable yam and Tilapia. Pump not in a good working order, aeration pump leak and since water inlet inconsistent siphon operation is at its maximum disruption.

Its shows how hardy these system is even without much care its still going on and on. This set is the first home kit that I made. Its big compared to my current design that I posted few pages back. 

Proven, those Tilapia was breed in house and now they had grown. I am sure those smaller Tilapia are from this set itself. Since a few had been harvested for consumption. 

Those that are curious, these Tilapia do not has that unpleasant smell from being breed in such a small space and the water too do not smell. We rely purely on rain water to replenish.

Siphon in a bad state too,  strainer has been dislodge from growbed that silastic glue don't seems to hold. It may be due to movement made by the current taker and roots invading the enclosed area.

Stand pipe remove and will be reuse, no problem just dirty that's all.

All parts of siphon removed to redo, I inspected all parts nothing damaged. After some cleaning its all set to be reinstalled.

Strainer, bell and down spout above and pump below. This pump need to be replace, or at the minimum the impeller change since its spindle already worn to critical level making pump starting difficult.

This time I use hot glue to hold strainer to growbed, they are much stronger. You can forget those silastics, just use that hot glue gun with its glue stick. They are much cheaper for me in the long run and harden in a short time.

Original bell installed, this siphon was made for 8 inches growbed, but should be able to do 12 inched.

It is shorter that all my current siphon which made for 12 inched growbed. It works so why bother to change.

Siphon completed all needed are those pebbles and at more water to the Tilapia tank.

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