Spammers Please Stop.

Dear Reader

I had enable comment moderation on this blog due to reason below.

Lately this blog been getting this kind of comment posting from various (suspected same) people with this sentence and redirect to an aquaponics site that selling things.

This must be a robot or something all 22 comments are from this single person today after I enable comments moderation.

Please do stop this, you are wasting valuable time that prevent me from replying to genuine query or comments.

Update :

I had enable moderation to this blog, since the spam still happening and I will recieve email notification of any new comment. So I will not missed any - that a good thing.

Affnan Aquaponics


  1. Maybe you could fill the pingpong ball with vegetable oil or something? Something reasonably heavy that is less dense than water. Or a floating golf ball.

    1. Thanks for the comments, I am not sure about golf ball that float since I am not a golfer so I would not know. Currently I'm trying to keep it to common items so that easier to make by anyone.

  2. I just wanted to say, of all the sites bout aquaponics in the net this is one of the realistic one :) all of the basic and advance information are available in your site and actually inspires me a lot to do aquaponics, more power to you boss Affnan and hope to see your place too.