An Installation in Subang Jaya

Just finished install siphon and water feed to a set up in Subang Jaya, not far from my place. It uses a fish tank of about 120 gallon capacity and two growbed that I normally use at 30 gallon each.

Water uses a single 3000 lt/hr (790 gal/hr) split with a Tee feeding two growbed. At this rate its sufficient for two growbed without the need to add additional hardware like the ball valve to restrict flow or adjust.

Everything has been prefab when I arrived, I just need to do the siphon and water inlet. Siphon installed is my standard 25mm standpipe with 50/25 reducer at a basic height of 7 inches without any extender fitted. Siphon shown above are the actual installation that can accommodate up to 12 inches growbed.

That the water inlet to one of the growbed, its a lot and initially I'm worried that the siphon might not cut off. At first run its cut off without any hick up and I stayed to monitor for about 1 hour, no problem with the cutting off.

Since the growbed is not exactly on top of fish tank, we had to use 2 feet of horizontal outlet to get it into the tank. I need to advise them to provide some support for these.

Outlet pipes, tailored to installation. That's about 8 inches vertical before a 2 feet horizontal with an optional 6 inch final downward spout. Not that its needed this downward spout but it does make the water splash less.

The fish tank about 120 US gallon, this is fiberglass its more durable than plastic and harder too perfect for this kind of installation. The rack is not metal but made from Cengal, a very hard wood. Should be able to support all the growbed weight.

What's left now are the growbed media, I recomend normal pebbles not to big or too small as long as it could give proper aeration and biofilteration.

PH value should be check after 1 week of full running and initial 2 weeks the pump is recommended 24/7 then its best to do 12/7 during daylight. I normally add starter fish 3 days after adding growbed media, and slowly add more over one month period.

Any fish can be use as starter, those cheap bait fish will do for a start.

Well lets see how the progress is after 1 month, as they say in Aquaponics the initial 2 months is the most difficult.

To get some seeds I recommend : Here

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  1. i wanted to get those fiberglass blue tank above but having trouble finding them in KL. Where do you get yours?