New Rack is here !!!

Finally is here, ready and delivered these two new rack for my setup.

I will start to make the new set this week end, and probably a demo video earlier. Since I'm going to make it from scratch might as well do a full video to help out others that may want to do the same.

I intend to make this kit available to those that want to start out Aquaponics but don't have the time to do it. But first it needs to be tested fully.

What you get are listed below :

1. One Pump for single Growbed with water feed pipings.
2. One 100 Gal Fish tank
3. One 30 Gal Growbed
4. One Aeration Pump + Hoses and Air Stones.
5. One Growbed Rack
6. One Siphon Set

Gravel , Pebbles, Growth Media and all electrical wiring not included.

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