New Challenge - High Water Level Siphon Outlet

Been thinking all night yesterday and today I made another outlet for this high level situation on my Aquaponics system. If you don't have same high water problem its not required for your installation.

I use Tee join and an aerator tongue to give aeration and cutting siphon without problem. Photo below is the items require for making it.

From left: 25mm/1" PVC pipe with holes drilled in it, the length is up to you. 15mm PVC pipe about 4 inches cut diagonally with holed end cap on the end. 20~25mm adapter to hold the 15mm PVC pipe, you can use other means to hold the 15mm pipe. and a 25mm Tee.
Photo above the 15mm PVC jammed into the adapter.  Below the attachment installed to siphon outlet.
As below siphon activated bubbles and cut off with little problem.
Below is the video of this attachment and how its made.

So far its good I am monitoring it closely for this next few days.

Attach is diagram of the siphon outlet.

With this last bit, I guess my siphon is complete from top to bottom.



  1. good work..

    em.time puasa lagi pantas postingnya..he.


  2. Cuti MET,, apa nak buat... duduk rumah melangut ajer..

  3. Nice idea! Any ideas as to how to combine this with your swivel valve (loop siphon modified)?

  4. @frederickjh that's an interesting idea, may be difficult to do.

  5. Affnan, can you explain why the breather is necessary? Does it improve the siphon action or are you using it simply to aerate the water?

  6. Hi Averan,
    Breather provide aeration and at same time ensure positive siphon cut-off. The main reason is to provide aeration with the later as a bonus to this design.

  7. Hi Affnan, can you explain why the breather got only small hole?..didn't it easier to use a "Tee" instead?

    1. It's just to prevent water splash, that's all. Since its only need to allow air a small hole will do, not a problem to make it bigger as I said earlier just to prevent water splash.

      One nice thing I got from the smaller hole is the whistling effect. :)

    2. i see..comparing the "burb-ing effect" the whistling effect sounds fun... :)

      Well, i've tried using [just] a tee earlier, but in result it reducing the power of the siphon so does its speed, as the more bend in the outlet will slowing down the water drainage speed, so i'm not using it anymore.

      By the way, nice blog affnan...and Selamat Hari Raya.

  8. I really enjoy seeing your system work, very inspiring! Perhaps using a "Y" connector like this: would be a simpler option? If there's any water splash you could cover the side opening with tape and then cut out a smaller opening. This way no elbows are needed either, you can feed straight down from the bed if that would work better.

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