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These few video from Mike 

Hi Affnan

Utilising Bernouli's principles, I wondered if there was a simpler way to create a siphon.   Using the spirit of recycling, I tried plastic water and soft drink bottles. I come from a flying background so the principles of flight are well known it me.

Also I'm trying to work out which way is better, to have the grow beds (3 x 500 litre) higher than the fish tank (3000litre), or the reverse (using a sump tank), what are your thoughts on the matter ?

Attached is the first of 5 mini movies.

Great effort on your blog !

 The second of 5

The 3rd of 5.

The 4th of 5.

The final of 5.

They're not in the correct order, but hopefully show the principle using simpler materials.  Following the test all items will be re-used in my AP setup, and all it would have cost is 1 old bucket !



Thanks Mike for the videos.

On setup, whether 3 x500 litre growbed higher than fish tank or using sump tank which will work out better. In my opinion its depend on your installation.

Growbed over fish tank is simplest but do have it limitation, in term of size and height. Using sump you could have the growbed lower, but this may require additional pumps unless you design it like the CHOPS.

All in all, both way works and you could have combination of both once you expand the system.



  1. This is to Mike - The hard part isn't getting the siphon to kick on. The hard part is getting the siphon to kick off while still adding water...

    I like the reuse of materials, though!

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