Aeration - Trying to get the most from siphon outlet - Part 1

Part 2 : Here
Part 3 : Here
Part 4 : Here

Apart from silencing the siphon outlet another improvement that can be made is to increase the aeration obtainable from down spout.

Various ways can be done, I am trying out about 3 method and see which one could produce best aeration with minimum of noise as possible.

The one I already tested are like in my video below using down tube with lots of holes, this effectively reduce noise and at the same time increase aeration.

Another way I yet to try is base on the Aquarium pump aeration, make a fitting on the down spout that replicate this function. I yet to fabricate it and conduct any testing.

It work on an Aquarium pump it should work on a down spout, just that how effective it will be is yet to be seen.

The third method is a bit complicated to explain, I need to make it first before I can display it photo. This too need to be tested.

Update :

I have successfully made the siphon outlet for my installation its : Here


  1. This will definitely work!!! This is exactly how my power-head in my aquarium works and its essentially just a water pump with a built in aeration port so you can connect a small airline tube and make bubbles or remove it and the water just gets pulled in and it doesn't bubble. But it will definitely work!

  2. @jga180 yes it work quite well actually.. :)

  3. I have installed one DIY venturi aerator in the siphon outline just before the sump tank. It works wonderful and sucks and mixes lot of air. It is made out of 3/4" hose Tee.

    1. Glad to hear that, it should give better aeration. If it's not done all that energy in the down pour is wasted.

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