Uitm - Photo Update 16th August 2010

UiTM Aquaponics - Part 3

Part 1 : Here
Part 2 : Here

This is a photo update of the UiTM Aquaponics experiment sent via email earlier. I do not have any write up for it, but they are starting to sow seeds and we'll see what effect on it with different growbed media

These four growbeds are filled with different medium to see what effect it has on plant growth. We'll see what the outcome.
Unlike hobbyist setup, research set are mind boggling and don't really looks like the norm.
It would be interesting to see what the outcome, what ever it is with only one Aquaponics project among the lot. It sure take some guts to have it as a research project.

Hope everything turn out fine and we will learn something from all this testing.


  1. In my opinion, if this project intended to test the difference between the medium, why don't each container filled with only 1 type of medium, instead of put all kind of medium in one container. You cannot see much differences since it all mixed up in the same way.

  2. What you mention is true, it should be isolated and even the fish tank should be separate, otherwise it would not be accurate.

    I think the amount of resource she was allocated restrict her trial. Being new and lack experience make it even more difficult for her to design an experiment that suitable for her undertaking.

    Aquaponically its a failure, but we do learn from this as not to repeat the same mistakes.

  3. Nak tanya, bekas biru tu nak dpat dimana?