Fresh Tilapia - Another Harvest

My Aerator pump fail, so before it affect those fishes I need to reduce their numbers. What better way than harvesting a few for the kitchen.

Catch about 10 big ones yesterday placed them in this tall basket and put the basket in the fish tank, today I am ready to clean them. Putting them in this basket within the fish tank help keeping them alive while I ready to do the next step.

10 Tilapia gutted and next is to cook them, may be deep fried this time.

I need to get a new aerator, other wise I have to reduce their number further.

Update : 21st Aug 2010

Deep Fried Tilapia

Just nice for a family of 4.. :)


  1. Affnan,
    Greetings from Near Seattle, Washington, USA.
    Have watched all and appreciated your YouTube postings. Visited your Blog today and find more information.
    Presently building a Greenhouse and AP system at our home. I believe in the benefit of research on the internet and have spent many hours discovering the big and small details. I think your aerator siphon return is a good no energy required to aerate idea and will implement it wherever I can in my design.
    My best understanding with corn plants is that several of them must be planted near each other so that they can pollinate one another. Cobs will not likely develop on single plants.
    Mmmmm good looking dinner.
    I can be found at DIYAquaponics under "Systems" as:

    Best regards,

  2. Affnan,

    Been a little while since I have been by your blog. Woww, everything is looking good.

    How did you fry them, marinate first or just throw them in the grease?

    We purchased a new home with a large piece of property (4 acres), I am in the process of constructing a 22' x 48' (expandable to 60') greenhouse.

  3. @gallerygo, thanks for yr comment. Siphon Outlet aeration I am still experimenting, I may out a shroud around the down tube and make a venturi pump kind of device to aids air mixing with water. Its must be a no power design using only the downflow water as the main energy source.

    P/s : Seattle, great place been there for those Boeing aircraft, inspection and delivery... was at 8th and Pine long time ago.

    @Mr. Place, thanks for your comment. hope you can do Aquaponics without any problem. Its easier now as more and more people contribute ideas and make it easy and fun for everyone.

    BTW,, I marinate them with salt and turmeric powder (this the minimum requirement) and fried it. Tilapia also easy to make into pickle fish,, but some people may not like the taste.

  4. Hi Nick,

    There are few ways to do it.

    1.Clean fish, gut and all. salt the fish by covering it with salt,, don't forget the inside (no water) put in container and place in fridge (not freezer) for 24hrs.
    2. Take the fish out after 24hrs.. clean excess salt off (can wash) and let it drip dry.
    3. Use Tamarind and brown sugar (mixture) and coat the fish with it...then coat fish with roasted rice (rice that you put in frying pan without any oil till it brown) lay fish in container (one layer at bottom.
    4. Cover container, make sure it can "breath" and store at room temperature.
    5. Should be ready in 1 week.... fried with moderate oil.. like picture above.
    Caution : The smell is bad, to some but after frying its aroma is apertizing.
    Warning : Try at your own risj ... :)

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