New Pump - Astro 2000

My old Astro 2000 pump is not at its best any more. It need a new impeller due to the spindle is worn and making it difficult to start.

What's needed is this piece,  it retail for RM 20.00 thats about USD 6.25. Visit my trusty Aquarium shop and bought one for the pump model.
They give me this.. as below, it for Astro 2000 same model I have. Took it home its don't fit.
Upon close inspection its slightly different, spindle is made of different material, the old one is of metal and the spare made of ceramic and longer. Check with the shop whether its possible to cut it to fit, well its not a good idea that ceramic spindle can break if cut.

Below photo of the two side by side.
Same model but have different spindle and different impeller, why so. The shop owner said its the revised version and better due to the ceramic spindle is very resistance to wear.

Reluctantly I have to buy a new pump and maybe I could do something to the old and make it serviceable again. So the damage is RM 50.00 or about USD15.60 for the pump and get a refund for the impeller piece.
Well the pump looks identical, and no noticeable different physically that I can see. On inspecting its decal at the back there are different in specification.
The new one rated at Wattage : 26.6 Watt,HMax : 1.75 meter and QMax : 1540 litre/hr and the old one Wattage  : 19.8 Watt, HMax : 1.33 and QMax : 1660 litre/hr

Something don't look right, the new one is higher rating it can only deliver higher but at a lower volume flow. I guess for the same height the new one should deliver more other wise its a waste of that extra wattage.
I'm thinking of making it into aeration pump for my tank.

BTW Astro 2000 pump work with either one or two growbed with 25mm/1" siphon installed. If your growbed is big like 3x6 or larger its best to use it on only one growbed.

Example of pump usage : Here


  1. Hello Affnan!.
    I had the same problem and after thinking and overthinking it I managed to come up with a viable easy solution:
    Buy a stainless steel welding rod.
    It cost me 14.5MXP, about 4RM at a welding supplies store.
    It's measures are 1/8"x3ft.
    You'll probabilly be asked if you want the 308 grade or the 316 grade. Go for the 316, it's better.
    Then you'll only need to cut the rod to the same lenght of the worn shaft.
    Word to the wise though: the original shaft is titanium which is almost inert to weak acids unlike the stainles steel that will slowly wear and corrode.
    My shafts last 6-8 weeks and it takes me about 15 minutes to cut and file away the sharp edges.
    DON'T LOSE THE SHAFT'S CENTERER (the tiny black plastic) like I did... It was a pain get another.

    1. That's a good tips, thanks. The newer pump use ceramic its last very long time. The pump shaft over here most probably nickle plated or stainless steel, hardly look like a Titanium since its quite cheap.

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