Aquaponics - Updates 2nd Aug

Finally I can say my Backyard Aquaponics setup completed. Just finished doing the electrical wiring part of the set.

Plants doing well, tomatoes need to be tied up that next to be done. Its flowering but not fruiting. It may be due to too much Nitrate in the grow bed or insufficient sunlight, I'll monitor closely its progress, I may need Potassium Hydroxide to get things going for the Tomatoes.

Fern just gone wild, there are spores everywhere, I'll need to collect this and learn spore propagation and those Chili already producing a few chillies.

Electric I leave it last to do, until all stabilized and positions of all pumps finalized. These 2 boxes below are the electrical junction box.

The left is control by a photo switch, its only for those pumps or aerator that I need to run at night.

The right box is slaved to a timer, I set it up to switches on at 7 am and cut off at 8 pm for the main pump.
Below the main pump, repositioned to a more accessible location for easy cleaning. The water control difficulties previously encounter was due to this pump clogged causing reduce inflow.

Water outlet besides pump feed pipe is excess returns. This pump rated 120 watt and feeding 4 grow beds and that work out to about 30 watt each grow bed. Minus the excess its should be about 25 watt roughly.

Its slightly wasted on energy, if I use a pump for each grow bed I will only need a 20 watt pump for these grow beds and Bell Valve combination. That work out to only 80 watt for the setup and its more easily manage then using one big pump. In case of pump failure only one grow bed is at risk.

So I would recommend a 20 watt pump for each grow bed as a better option.

Below is a 20 watt aeration pump it work really well in supplying oxygen I switch it on only at night.

Tilapia do really well the big one are about 2 months old, and the smaller one about 3 weeks old, I limit their food otherwise it will grow rapidly and may cause water to be dirty by excess food and fish poo.

Photo of those Tilapia other fish just hide from view, there should be Red Tail Barb, Tin Foil Barb, Climbing Perch and Red Tail Catfish some where in there.

These Tilapia now know when human presence near by they come out for food. I think because I keep feeding them at same spot, they have developed this sense.

I am trying to make a Demand Feeder, this should be good for those fish when I am not around. It not that difficult to make, I need to read up on it and probably make one.
Two of the grow beds are flushing, no problem with water flushing of cutting out. Just take care of the pump that's all.

That's all for now, a lot need to be learn - That's where the fun is :)


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