Aquaponics - Iron

Comparison on these 2 photos showing, vegetable cutting from my earlier setup and present.
Above is the present setup Water Celery, show healthy growth.
This one are from my previous setup. The different is yellowing leaves in the later picture this is due to lack of Iron, the present setup I'm using nails and Iron rods to provide Iron to the plants.


  1. Hi Thanks for the veggie photos and updates! I'm working on a barrel ponics setup right now, so have so much to learn! Have the barrels cut, but have to get the pvc fittings and pump next. Hubby's fixing a new cover for my electric outlet down the hill where I plan to put the aquaponics system in a hoophouse, found termites invaded the electric post! He's killing those now.

  2. Shepardsgate,

    Yep.., a lot to learn. Every plant/veg is a new thing for me on Aquaponics.

    Hope your aquaponics setup, take off without problem...