Aquaponics - PH Test 21st Aug

Last did PH test was about a month ago, its been raining these past few days. Water condition high in the tank I have to drained out to maintain a comfortable level for siphon to work.
Plants not doing well due to wet condition, I am replanting the tomatoes and clearing the beds for different plants.

PH tested its on the high side about 7.5, I need to monitor or best pour some vinegar to adjust PH value.

Grow beds need to be raise about 3 inches, to ensure high water did not cover the siphon outlet, this can be done by putting bricks underneath the grow bed support. Only problem its too heavy and need to be emptied before I am able to lift it up.

Its now coming to fasting months over here, and most activities will be at a slower pace. I'll sow new seeds, get some Mint and Basil cuttings.


  1. What pH do you think is optimal in aquaponics? Vinegar is too weak to lower pH, use sulfuric acid (with caution!). You will have to monitor kH also.
    Akwaponika - google translated

  2. Hi Odna, I must say about 6.5 is good. Its about the plants, what kind of plants suitable at what ever PH we are running the system. I am more into selecting the right plants rather that trying to adjust PH. Selecting plants that can tolerate your natural PH level in my Aquaponics system is a more long term solution.

    Adjusting PH to suit plants selected, will tend to make you constantly have to adjust and readjust PH adding chemicals. I try my best to maintain it naturally, its been a very long time since I last adjust the PH level.

  3. Aquaponics refers to a food production system that couples aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, crayfish, snails or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) whereby the nutrient rich aquaculture water is fed to aquaponics grown plant, involving nitrifying bacteria for converting ammonia into nitrates.